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Seal Coating Truck Applying Seal Coating to a surface image
Sealcoating is a liquid that is applied to asphalt to protect it from oxidation, and the damages caused by winter cracking, as well as UV rays and traffic. Sealcoating is the key to asphalt preservation and longevity.
Our professional staff will assist you in selecting the sealer product perfect for your project.

Seal Coating is an essential aspect of preserving and extending the life if your asphalt surface. Many benefits are involved including improving the visual aesthetics, protection against oxidation from the sun, replacing and repairing eroded surfaces, longer surface life and optimizing its overall value.
Other benefits of sealcoating include creating a uniform color and appearance for all asphalt paving.


Worker applying crack fill sealant to a surface image
Crack filling is an essential application in addition to sealcoating for long-term pavement protection.
These two maintenance steps are a cost-efficient way to get the longest life out of your pavement instead of renewal.


We begin by cleaning any dust, vegetation and debris from around the crack using a high-pressure steam of air and a powered grinding wheel. Next, the crack is sealed with a hot polymer based material. The extreme heat during this application causes the edges of the crack to melt and form a stronger bond with the sealer. The sealer then expands and contracts due to the thermal movements of the crack. Because of this high melting temperature, it will track or pick up in traffic. When it has cooled, the surface is ready for a fresh seal coat re-striping and painting markings.
Seal Coating in Operation

Benefits of Asphalt Maintenance